Entry #1

It begins..

2008-05-18 16:02:27 by HMS-Productions

This is the beginning of what HMS likes to call our audio testing account. We've just started making hits, so we need people to help us out, suggestions, critiques, the whole lot.

Oh yeah... HMS is a group of three people, you will know them as H, M and S, who randomly decided one day to throw themselves into teh world of internet media and started making even more random videos, pics and now, music.

If you took the time to read all that we salute you :D

EDIT: Deleted the older edit messages, they're now void.


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2008-06-02 22:23:09

haha i took the time to read it, thanks for the salute lol. You guys sound cool, i think you all have great potentional, be sure to pm me of any new songs alright?

-Craig =D