We're Back!

2008-08-21 15:34:05 by HMS-Productions

I don't think there were many who were keeping tabs on us, but for those who were, you've probably been wondering where the hell we'd gotten to. From posting every other day to gone lol.

Well M was gone for a month on vacation and when he came back S decided to disappear on vacation as well. Sooo things are going pretty slow. We have done some filming and we think this episode is good enough to release to the general public, stay tuned for a youtube link soon.

We have two new songs, be sure to check em out :D



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2008-09-09 18:56:31

Hey, just thought I'd tell you that I've been in a really strange state of not being able to force myself to write reviews, so I'll do my best to review Ephemera as soon as this passes, k?

HMS-Productions responds:

no problem, take your time :)


2008-09-24 02:11:11

can you speak french?

HMS-Productions responds:

yes, the three of us can, why?


2008-09-25 02:56:48

Hey Guys -M Has been Really Helpful Sending me Programs and Things to Change Wav. to Mp3. but i was just asking im not Really sure how to Make audio im not sure What Program to use Besides Fl studio Please Help!

P.S: I dont want to Download FL Studio Because It takes to long and Mp Pc Will be slow!

HMS-Productions responds:

well there's many other programs but we use purely fl studios, so there isnt much else to know.

Fl studios is actually one of the smaller files, it's worth wait.