Livin' Life

2008-09-29 17:46:40 by HMS-Productions

Well I just noticed that the "We're Back" news post has been up 2 months after we came back so common sense dictates I should update =D

We're progressively getting better at making music and videos (though we still wont be posting the link to those yet... and we're hoping that we're progressively getting better at making music and videos). The day is fast approaching when you will be able to see us making fools of ourselves, we simply ask for your patience :)

I've decided to adopt a philosophy my good friend Hades0013 is currently upholding:

By reviewing one of OUR songs, you have put us in a debt which we will gladly repay by reviewing one of YOUR songs.

So just come on in take a quick look, we don't care. It won't be difficult to reach the conclusion that the song sucks so you won't be wasting too much time ^__^

Anyways, thanks for dropping by,



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2008-10-05 20:21:12

Hey, i couldn't help but stop by and look at your piece's of music. Keep up the good work guys.

HMS-Productions responds:

hey thanks for actually taking the time and checking it out =D



2008-10-07 14:15:04

Yeh i have to say you three make some pretty good stuff.
keep it up.
i'm sure i'll get a message sayin we have a new song up, i'll deffinitly review it. :D

HMS-Productions responds:

haha thanks :D


2008-10-15 20:05:39

You guys rule! Keep up the good music!

HMS-Productions responds:



2008-10-17 11:23:57

I just wanted to say your muisic is perfect for those trying to create a game by themselves or trying to come up with a feeling for a certain idea. Keep up the great work and dont change a thing!

HMS-Productions responds:

Thanks! Were you planning on using one of our songs?