HMS-Productions is expanding

2008-11-29 12:44:58 by HMS-Productions

Some awesome news to tell:

HMS-productions and ONI Productions, another film group in our town, are talking about teaming up and making some joint-productions. ONI Productions is a much more well-known and established film group and they found our vids one day and decided we'd work great together.

What this means for us is we'll have access to more actors, equipment and support. If you've seen some of our vids you'll realize we're short on all these things :D

You can join our Facebook group and stay updated, just search "HMS - Is this the place?"
Don't expect much, up to now, all our releases are hardly satisfactory. We haven't released anything in quite a while but production has begun on many projects and a mega-project is being planned with ONI, we'll be sure to tell you guys about it as soon as we've got the details established.

Tell us what you think and thanks for checking this out!


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2008-11-29 12:55:40

:/.... moar audio? pl0x?

(Updated ) HMS-Productions responds:

lolz that's what newgrounds is for :DD
movies are our real passion XD
but we'll keep going just for you, mhm, yup


2008-11-30 14:32:39

as in flash, or actual movies?
i'd love to see them, if they're as good as your music, they'll be awesome.
anyway i can?

HMS-Productions responds:

real movies, as in with a camera :D
and LOL they arent good at all, we're getting better though :D

like it said in the post, you can check out our facebook group "HMS - Is this the place?" and we've got our most recent stuff there.


2008-12-17 19:45:57

Razorcock is very proud of you.