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We are a team of 3, for now you'll know us as H, M and S. Born of the internet age, we felt inspired to make videos and the like just for jokes. We have now grown, and what you will see here, is the music we have created. But this account is dead now!

25, Male

Canada lol


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Posted by HMS-Productions - December 28th, 2009

Yeah just wanted to say that this account is basically dead now, haven't uploaded anything in forever... but lately I've been feeling nostalgic and I've been dropping in every once and a while.


EDIT Aug. 09 2010
I've slowly started making fuller better songs than the eh... "music" on this account at the moment, and I'm considering opening a new account and just starting over. I was going through my old songs here and I was wincing the whole time, so time for a clean slate =)


Posted by HMS-Productions - November 29th, 2008

Some awesome news to tell:

HMS-productions and ONI Productions, another film group in our town, are talking about teaming up and making some joint-productions. ONI Productions is a much more well-known and established film group and they found our vids one day and decided we'd work great together.

What this means for us is we'll have access to more actors, equipment and support. If you've seen some of our vids you'll realize we're short on all these things :D

You can join our Facebook group and stay updated, just search "HMS - Is this the place?"
Don't expect much, up to now, all our releases are hardly satisfactory. We haven't released anything in quite a while but production has begun on many projects and a mega-project is being planned with ONI, we'll be sure to tell you guys about it as soon as we've got the details established.

Tell us what you think and thanks for checking this out!

Posted by HMS-Productions - September 29th, 2008

Well I just noticed that the "We're Back" news post has been up 2 months after we came back so common sense dictates I should update =D

We're progressively getting better at making music and videos (though we still wont be posting the link to those yet... and we're hoping that we're progressively getting better at making music and videos). The day is fast approaching when you will be able to see us making fools of ourselves, we simply ask for your patience :)

I've decided to adopt a philosophy my good friend Hades0013 is currently upholding:

By reviewing one of OUR songs, you have put us in a debt which we will gladly repay by reviewing one of YOUR songs.

So just come on in take a quick look, we don't care. It won't be difficult to reach the conclusion that the song sucks so you won't be wasting too much time ^__^

Anyways, thanks for dropping by,


Posted by HMS-Productions - August 21st, 2008

I don't think there were many who were keeping tabs on us, but for those who were, you've probably been wondering where the hell we'd gotten to. From posting every other day to gone lol.

Well M was gone for a month on vacation and when he came back S decided to disappear on vacation as well. Sooo things are going pretty slow. We have done some filming and we think this episode is good enough to release to the general public, stay tuned for a youtube link soon.

We have two new songs, be sure to check em out :D


Posted by HMS-Productions - June 3rd, 2008

Well we've got some songs up, mainly M's songs cuz H doesnt like the program and S still doesnt know the password. But, S has made 3 new songs which should be up as soon as he stops making newer versions of them everytime he renders one.

Still waiting for a salute to wasting time on reading this post? Find our first horrible vids on Youtube and you'll get it :D

H says you will never find them...

Posted by HMS-Productions - May 18th, 2008

This is the beginning of what HMS likes to call our audio testing account. We've just started making hits, so we need people to help us out, suggestions, critiques, the whole lot.

Oh yeah... HMS is a group of three people, you will know them as H, M and S, who randomly decided one day to throw themselves into teh world of internet media and started making even more random videos, pics and now, music.

If you took the time to read all that we salute you :D

EDIT: Deleted the older edit messages, they're now void.